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Vaccination and Infectious Bursal Disease in Laying Hen

Certain diseases are too widespread or difficult to eradicate and require a routine vaccination program. In general, all layer flocks should be vaccinated against Newcastle, Infectious Bronchitis, Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) and Avian Encephalomyelitis (AE). The exact vaccination schedule depends upon many things such as diseases exposures expected, maternal immunities, vaccine types available and routes of administration preferred. Therefore, no one program can be recommended for all locations. Consult with local veterinarians to determine the best vaccination program for your area. Following is a basic program where breeders received an inactivated Newcastle-Bronchitis-IBD vaccine.

Infectious Bursal Disease
Special attention should be paid to IBD control. This disease can have many subtle effects which are detrimental to pullet health. The primary feature of IBD is immuno-supression caused by damage to the bursa of Fabricius which leaves the bird unable to fend off other disease challenges. Secondary diseases such as gangrenous dermatitis, bacterial arthritis, peritonitis, and even Marek’s often result. Virtually all flocks are exposed to IBD and therefore, should be protected by vaccination. Most breeding stock receives a killed IBD vaccine to boost maternal titers in the chicks. Research at Hy-Line International has shown the

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