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Calcium be the mineral that is significant in animal body , in big animal with full speed ahead have 3.5 4.0 % calciums s of dry weight of the all tissue or think 26 - 30 % calcium accumulation in the body. Which pertaining to the weight of animal. But when big animal with full speed already ahead accumulation rate of the calcium is down for splitting of the calcium in animal body meet that 99% stay in the bone in a picture of hydroxyappatite crystals. Calcium accumulation is will born the accumulation quickly the earliest stage of the progress, the bone is a place of the calcium that collects in the body. Can apply in way body science procedure such as milk production building structure, building eggshell, and use in the preservation equilibriums in the body. At bone skin has the procedure exchanges the calcium all the time the calcium that have the shuffle can distribute to is the part that exchanges the calcium all the time. The calcium that have slowly shuffle by first part has will the proportion that is down when, old animal more and more the calcium that meet in majority blood is in serum about 10 - 12 mg/g the part in the erythrocyte meets 0.14 - 0.22 mg/g a little in serum the calcium distributes to are the part at can seep to change have about 65 % the part again 35% s are the part at can seep can change, and in the part that can change very in a picture , ca2+ , the remainder is catching with the carbonate, phosphate.



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