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Moving and Selection of Laying

Moving—The flock can be moved into the laying facility at 15-16 weeks of age or after administration of the last live vaccinations. W-36 and Hy-Line Brown males may be moved a few days earlier to the laying house to give them more time to acclimate to their new environment before the arrival of females. This is not recommended for the W-98 and Silver Brown males. It is important that growing and production breeder cages be compatible in feeder, drinker and lighting systems.

Selections—During the transfer of males, a selection for the best individuals should be made. All roosters entering the laying house should be in good body condition, well-feathered, with good feet and legs and free of physical defects. Keep extra males in reserve cages to use later. Any sex slips should be removed at transfer. Supportive care to reduce stress such as water-soluble vitamins, probiotics, and vitamin C should be used three days before and three days after the transfer. Flocks transferred early should be moved into a laying house with the same light hours and light intensity as those in the growing house.



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