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Function of Niacin

1. The major function of niacin is in the coenzyme forms of nicotinamide, NAD and NADP

2. Enzyme containing NAD and NADP are important links in a series of reactions associated with carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism, especially energy metabolism

3. More than 40 biochemical reactions have been identified that have paramount importance, particularly for the:
-Gastrointestinal tract
-Nervous system

4. NAD and NADP – containing enzymes play key roles in oxidation-reduction reactions by serving as hydrogen transfer agents in conjunction with a second hydrogen-carrying system, the riboflavin coenzymes
-The transfer of hydrogen is reversible and sterospecific
-NADP has an important role in the synthesis of fats and steroids
-Both NAD and NADP are involved in degradation and synthesis of amino acids



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