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Chromium is a transition element that occers most commonly in oxidation states of 0, 2+, 3+, and 6+. Most stable valence is the trivalent state. Poor absorption

Sources of Chromium

2.Whole-grain products
5.Milk very low

Absorption and Transportation

1.With trivalent Cr as the active ingredient of the GTF stetes.
2.When Cr exists in an organically bound form,it is absorped better.


1.chromium appears to be an essential trace element because it potentiates insulin action
2. increased HDL cholesteral, (hight density lipoprotein).
3.decreased serum cholesteral.

Deficiency and toxicity

1.Supplementation Cr can significanty enhance the rate of recovery form malnutrition is complicated by Cr deficiency
2.Chick were fed 2000 ppm resulted in reduced growth. (NRC,1980)

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