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Lighting System, House Layout and Nests for Laying Period

Lighting—Check the lighting program and light intensity. Ensure that light intensity in lay house is brighter than grow. Synchronize light times with the growing house. It is important not to have shadows in the lay house, as dark areas outside the nest will encourage floor eggs. Allow the pullets access to the nests during the day when they arrive. Place the pullets on the slats at housing. Walk the birds several times daily, particularly in the morning, to ensure the birds are finding feed and water.
House Layout—The litter area in layer houses should not be more than 60 cm (24 in) below the slat area. Position lights to eliminate shadows on the litter below the slat area. Position lights to provide the brightest light intensity over the litter or resting areas and the lowest light intensity at the front of the nest boxes. Flocks housed in all-slat houses should also be grown on slat or wire floors.
Nests—Open nest box curtains to encourage nest exploration in young laying flocks. Nest lights can be used to train birds to explore the nests and should be turned on one hour before the house lights are turned on and remain on for one hour after the house lights have been turned on. This will help prevent
overcrowding and smothering inside the nests. False walls that are 1 m (3 ft) in length every 12 m (39 ft) along the line of nest boxes can reduce overcrowding in nests.



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