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Lighting System For Growing Period

Lighting—Birds should be grown in housing that allows adjustment to light duration and the light intensity. The lighting programs are usually similar to those used for parent stock in cage production, but light intensity may be different. It is important to provide floor grown birds with enough light intensity to allow them to navigate their environment. Week-one light intensity of 20-30 lux (2-3 foot-candles) should be used, dropping down to 15 lux (1.5 foot-candles) by week four and remaining at the level until week 17. At week 17, gradually increase the light intensity, reaching 20-30 lux (2-3 foot-candles) by the time the pullets are transferred to the breeder house. Birds moving into open-sided housing should have higher light intensities of 30-40 lux (3-4 foot-candles) at the time of housing.

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